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I read a story that occurred during WW II that, to me anyway, proves the power of tiny acts. See if it doesn't speak to your heart as well.

During the last months of World War II, the British conducted daily bombing raids over Berlin. The bombers would take off from an airstrip in England and fly surrounded by smaller fighter pilots whose job was to keep German fighters from attacking the bombers which were easy targets.

One night after a successful bombing raid, as they were heading for the safety of England, the bombers were attacked by a large group of German fighter planes. Somehow, during the dogfight one bomber found itself flying alone with no protection. Suddenly, a German fighter appeared out of nowhere. The crew of the bomber watched as the German plane moved closer and closer, until finally it was in range to strike. They prepared for the worst and watched helplessly as tracer bullets began spitting from the fight. Bullets whizzed by them, over and under until Thud ! Thud ! Thud ! Thud ! Thud ! Five bullets slammed into the fuselage of the bomber near the gas tank. The crew braced for the inevitable explosion, but nothing happened. They could see fuel pouring from the bullet holes but there was no explosion. Miraculously, they were able to make it back to their base and safely land.

A few hours after they had landed, one of the mechanics showed up at the crew's barracks. He had found five bullets in the fuel tank, crumpled but not exploded. He handed them to the pilot. The pilot carefully opened up the shells and to the crew's amazement found each one empty of gunpowder. Inside was a tiny wad of paper. When he unfolded the paper, he found a note which read, "We are Polish POW's forced to make bullets in a factory. When guards do not look we do not fill with gunpowder. Is not much, but is best we can do. Please tell family we are alive." The note was signed by four Polish prisoners of war.

Sounds like tiny stuff. Just a few bullets out of the many thousands and thousands of bullets made during the war. But those five bullets made the difference for the crewman of one British bomber.

Brethren, there is no end to the good that we can accomplish if we would but just take advantage of the little opportunities that come our way each day. Is there some small deed waiting for you to tend to?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward