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Some time ago I read a touching story about a humble, consecrated father whose young teenage son had become very ill. After the boy had undergone an exhaustive series of test, the father was told the shocking news that his son had a terminal illness.

The teenage boy had become a Christian and so the father knew that his obedience had saved him from his sins, but he wondered how his son would take the news of his eminent death. He also wondered how he would be able to tell someone in the bloom of their life that he would soon die. After spending some time in prayer and seeking the direction of God, the father went with a heavy heart down the hall of the hospital and into his son's room.

The first thing he did was to read a passage of scripture and had a time of prayer with his dear child. Then he gently told him that the doctors could promise him only a few more months to live. "Are you afraid to meet Jesus, son?' asked his devout father.

Blinking away a few tears, the teenager said bravely, "No, not if He's like you, Dad!"

Just what were fathers put on this earth to do? Was it to just  provide material and physical support for his family?  I believe fathers have the first and foremost responsibility to teach their children the ways of God. To spend time with them and teach them about life, not how to just make money and how to get ahead financially. Can you imagine how much different this old world would be if fathers took the responsibility more serious? It is our job to make our children look forward to the time they can be with Jesus. How are you doing in your "job"?

For His Cause.
Tim Woodward