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Let’s Make Some Stone Soup

Early one morning a hobo came into a little country town. He stopped in front of a general store, and then gave a loud yell of delight. "HERE IT IS! I've found it," he cried!

"What is it? What is it?" asked the townspeople, crowding around to see. The old hobo answered joyously, "The Great Soup Stone. Get a kettle someone...some get a fire started, someone else get some water! We'll all have some soup in a jiffy!"

One man brought a kettle, another lit a fire. A third brought some water. The hobo tossed in the stone and stirred mightily. "Now bring an onion," he cried. "Oh yes, someone get a bone from the store to flavor it. Who has some potatoes? They will help!"

The townspeople brought the onion and some potatoes, and carrots and a bone. Pretty soon the hobo announced, "The Great Soup Stone has done its work. The soup is ready, except the salt...who will bring the salt?" But the storekeeper spoke, "This man is a fraud! We have supplied everything for the soup, his stone did nothing. We supplied everything for the soup; the meat, the fire, the water and the vegetables. What did he supply? A STONE!"
"You are wrong," smiled the hobo. "You had no soup before I came. Now you do. I have supplied the enthusiasm and willingness to work together for a common cause. Educated men call it cooperation. I call it the Great Soup Stone. Let's eat." And so they did!

God has supplied everything we need to work together in order to spread the good news about His Son. Let's all pitch in to work as one to make sure that is being accomplished!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward