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Just Plane Wrong

 It was a perfect landing - almost. The Piedmont Airlines pilot guided his 737 jet onto the ground and down the runway without a hitch. Oh, perhaps the approach was a little rough, but none of the passengers really noticed. A perfect landing - almost. The only problem was that the plane had landed at the wrong airport. The flight had originated in Charlotte, North Carolina and should have ended at Bush Field in Augusta, Georgia. When the landing gear was about three feet off the ground, the pilot realized he was somewhere else. Daniel Field, to be precise, a smaller strip some six miles from Bush Field.

The pilot apologized to his passengers. The entire crew apologized. They offered everyone complimentary food.  And do you know what? The passengers weren't satisfied. In fact, the only thing that could settle them down was for the airline to find them transportation to their original destination. They did not appreciate being led astray to a place they didn't want to go.

Spiritual journeys are like that. Jesus said in Matthew 7:13-23 that many people are traveling a route which will guide them to the wrong destination. In the final hour of judgment, apologies will be of no value. If at that time we've not arrived at our intended destination, changing locations will be impossible.

Take a good look at the pilot of your life. Where is he taking you? He may dress in navy blue and braid, but does he steer you toward the true destination of heaven? If not, then parachute into the gracious hands of God, and trust your soul to the one true Guide!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward