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Jesus Knows What We’re Going Through

An eight-year-old boy went to the pet store with his dad to buy a puppy. The store manager showed them to a pen where five little puppies were huddled together. After a while, the boy noticed one of the little puppies all by itself in an adjacent pen.

The boy asked, "Why is that puppy all alone?"

The manager explained, "That puppy was born with a bad leg and would be crippled for life, so we're going to have to put him to sleep."

"You're going to kill this little puppy?" the boy said sadly.

"You have to realize that this puppy would never be able to run and play with a boy like you," the manager said.

After a short conversation with his son, the dad told the manager that they wanted to buy the puppy with the bad leg.

"For the same amount of money you could have one of the healthy ones," the manager said. "Why do you want this one?"

To answer the manager's question, the boy bent over and pulled up the pants on his right leg and exposed a brace underneath. He said, "Mister, I want this one because I know what he's going through."

The Hebrew writer tells us in chapter 4 and verse 15 that "we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin." Sometimes we feel as though nobody cares about us or the church or anything and we start feeling discouraged and depressed. We begin our own little "pity-party" not realizing that we have forgotten about Jesus. Jesus sticks out his hands and raises his feet so we can see the nail prints. He, bows his head so we can see where the crown of thorns was pressed down. He turns around so we can see the scars covering his back. And then He says, "I know what you're going through!" Look to Jesus!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward