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"Isn't Tonight Meeting Night For You Folks?"

One day while a brother was plowing in his field, a neighbor came over to talk with him about some insect problem. The brother was anxious to get his plowing down, but took a little time to visit. After a while the neighbor said, "I hear you folks are having good interest at church."

"Fair," the brother replied.

"You say that your church is the only one mentioned in the Bible?" asked the neighbor.

"Yes sir,  it is," the brother proudly replied.

"You must be happy to be a member of such an important church?" suggested the neighbor.

"Well, I am," was the brother's reply.

"Sometime I would like to go with you and learn more about the church," said neighbor.

"Fine," said the brother, "I will be glad to take you anytime. You just let me know."

"Isn't tonight meeting night for you folds?," asked the neighbor.

"Yes, it is," the brother hesitated, "But I can't go tonight; just too much work to do."

"Well, I reckon your church isn't any more important than any other. We don't think you have to be a member of a church, or even go to church to be saved. And if your work is more important than that of your church, I reckon your church isn't very important either."

As the neighbor walked away, the brother started his tractor, jerked it into gear, and muttered something about "narrow-minded people". No,  he wasn't at the service that night, nor has he been able to bring his neighbor with him since that day. Nor does  his neighbor seem interested in talking about church with him anymore. Do you wonder why?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward