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Is Your Lantern Lit?

It has been reported that Benjamin Franklin wanted to interest the people of Philadelphia in street lighting. He did not try to persuade them by talking about it. Instead, he hung a beautiful lantern on a long bracket before his own door. Then, he kept the glass polished and carefully lit the wick every evening at the approach of dusk. It was not long before Franklin's neighbors began placing brackets in front of their homes. Soon, the entire city awoke to the value of street lighting.

If I want the moral decline in our city and county to stop, it is time for me to light a lantern. I can preach the gospel wherever I go (Mark 16:15-16). Every soul turned away from sin will make a difference.

If I want the church to have a stronger Bible school, it is time for me to light a lantern. I can make every effort to be in class each Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I can begin to teach a class. I can make phone calls to fellow Christians who do not come to class and encourage them to start coming.

If I want to be sure our children receive the best possible preparation for living for God in a fast approaching adult world, I can light a lantern. I can talk to my own children about God, Jesus and the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. I can do my part as a parent to encourage all the young people by serving and helping with the various youth activities and mission efforts.

In short, any area that I see which seems to cry out for attentite should receive full attention from me. I cannot expect others to solve problems which I am unwilling to tackle myself. LIGHT A LANTERN!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward