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A young man was asked to preach for a certain church at the last minute. On a sudden impulse, he used as his text, "Thou Shalt Not Steal."

The next morning the young man stepped on the bus and handed the driver a five-dollar bill. The driver handed him back his change. The young man made his way toward the back of the bus, sat down and began counting his change. After counting it twice he discovered that he had been given a quarter too much back in change. His first thought was, "The bus company will never miss a quarter." Then quickly he came to the realization that he could not keep money that did not belong to him.

He made his way back to the front of the bus and said to the driver, "You gave me back too much change." Just imagine his surprise when the bus driver said, "Yes, a quarter too much. I gave it to you on purpose. You see, I was at the church where you preached yesterday and I watched in my mirror as you counted your change. If you had kept the quarter, I would never again had confidence in your word.

What a tragedy if he had done the wrong thing! Isn't it amazing that we really never know how many people are watching what we say and do until we mess up? Could we emphasize the point enough that we need to be careful what we say, what we do and where we go? Believe it or not, there are people waiting for Christians to stumble and fall. Then they take great pride in pointing it out to others. Is this a call to live a perfect life? No. It's simply a reminder that we must daily be aware of the fact that people are watching to see if we live the-kind of life we profess

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward