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If Jesus Came to Church?
Matthew Martin

Let's suppose, hypothetically, for a moment that the Lord returned. But instead of taking the saints to glory and the world burning up (1 Thess. 4:17; 2 Thess. 1:8), let's suppose that He just decided to sit in on one of our Sunday morning worship services. I wonder what His reaction would be when the final "Amen" was spoken?

I wonder if Jesus would have the same critiques that so many people have when services are over. Do you think you would overhear Jesus commenting on certain people who were not "dressed the best." We hear it often in our assemblies by our brethren, but do you think we would hear Jesus saying such things?

Would He be upset that a person came to the assembly and was not wearing a tie? He would probably look at an individual dressed "to the nines" and take note of the striking contrast between His attire and that man's. After all, how can a simple robe compare to a three piece suit!?

Maybe He would notice a young lady walking by and hear the faint sounds of "flip" and "flop" as she passed Him. Do you think the Lord would be upset that she would wear such "casual" shoes at the assembly? He'd probably look down at His own pair of sandals and think that He and that young lady have more in common than the one wearing shining black leather shoes.

He might overhear two people discussing someone with...*cue dramatic music* ...a beard, and wonder what all the fuss is about...all the while stroking His own beard!

He might chuckle at a good sister throwing a fit because the song leader led "two" songs before the Lord's Supper, and not the standard "one."

Or maybe He would shake His head sadly when a brief argument ensued because one brother sat in another brother's "assigned" seat.

As the people poured out of the assembly, He might frown on the one who would yell at a small child for doing what small children do: play.

People, in general, get so mad over things that don't matter. Often that attitude spills over into the worship service. Just remember that, even though Jesus isn't bodily there, He is there, and He knows our attitudes (Rev. 2-3).

It's easy to let things that bother us, distract us. We, however, have an obligation to worship God, and not let trivial things prevent us from doing that.