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I Love You Anyway

The fear of rejection may be one of the most basic fears of the human experience. Joe Harding tells a heart-warming story of a man who finally decided it was time to ask his boss for a raise in salary. It was Friday. He told his wife that morning what he was about to do. All day the man felt nervous and apprehensive. Late in the afternoon he summoned the courage to approach his employer. Much to his delight, the boss agreed to the raise.

The man arrived home to a beautiful table set with their best china. Candles were lit. His wife had prepared a festive meal. Immediately he figured that someone from the office had tipped her off! Finding his wife in the kitchen, he told her the good news. They embraced and kissed, then sat down to a wonderful meal. Next to his plate the man found a beautiful lettered note. It read: "Congratulations, darling! I knew you would get the raise! These things will tell you how much I love you."

While on his way to the kitchen to get dessert, he noticed that a second card had fallen from her pocket. Picking it up off the floor, he read: "Don't worry about not getting the raise! You deserve it anyway! These things will tell you how much I love you! "

Total acceptance! Total love! Her love for him was NOT contingent upon him getting a raise. In fact, it was just the opposite. If he were to fail, if his boss rejected his raise, he'd be all the more accepted at home. She stood behind him no matter what, softening the blows, healing the wounds, believing in him, loving him. We can be rejected by almost anyone if we're loved by someone.

That's the way families should be with each other. Because that's the way God is with us! We love because He first loved us!!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward