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I Am A Tired Woman

I AM A TIRED WOMAN . . . tired of being told that I am not happy, and that any illusions I might have to the contrary are indicative of a low mentality or at best a lack of originality or imaginative thinking.

I AM A TIRED WOMAN . . . . tired of those married females who, having made a shambles of their own marriage, tell us that the institution of marriage won't work, who having found themselves unequal to the task of finding happiness in marriage, insinuate that we are less than adequate if we do not seek fulfillment outside marriage.

I AM A TIRED WOMAN . . . . tired up to here with those who choose to ignore the basic and most apparent differences between men and women and their capabilities, thereby proving once more the truth of the old adage that "there is no one so blind as he who does not wish to see."

I AM A TIRED WOMAN . . . . and full of pity for those who complain of being the playthings of men while they strut around in broad daylight in such a state of undress that they leave no doubt whatsoever as to what they consider their primary function in this life.

I AM A TIRED WOMAN .... tired of watching those who have never learned the art and grace of being a woman, yet seek to undermine everything that is feminine, trying to make men and women carbon copies of each other, not for the betterment of mankind but for the sole purpose of satisfying their selfish desires.

I AM A TIRED WOMAN .... fed up with those who are so interested in their own so-called "rights" that they actually want to pass a bill making it illegal to treat us like women, stomping thus on the rights of those who have found fulfillment in being a woman.

I AM A TIRED WOMAN . . . . yes, BUT I AM A WOMAN, and I like it that way!
— Author Unknown

submitted by
Tim Woodward