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Huddle and Hit the Line

Tom Skinner described the work of the church when he said:

    "In football we have what is called the huddle. If you stay longer than a few seconds in the huddle, you are penalized five yards delay of game. Why is that? It's because they want you to spend more time playing the game than in the huddle. The only responsibility of the huddle is to call the play. The huddle is where the strategy is made. And then you go out and hit the line. The majority of the time should be spent playing the game."

God intended the church service to be a HUDDLE, the place where His people come together to worship, to be built up in the faith, and to plan the strategy for how to tackle the world.

If hitting the line is our purpose, then we've been spending too much time in the huddle! The last prayer on Sunday morning is not a dismissal. It's an "audible" called at the line of scrimmage, which challenges us to hit the line, take the world, and preach the Word!

All of us would soon tire of watching the Super Bowl tonight if 90% of the game was spent in the huddle. The New Testament book of Acts is an exciting book because the disciples spent most of their time out in the world in synagogues and the marketplace teaching the Word.

Thank God for these Sunday huddles that inspires us to hit the line. But let us be more thankful for those who enthusiastically leave the huddle so they can hit the line!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward