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How To Prevent A Divorce Before You Marry

Divorce has never been in God's plan. He permitted it in the days of Moses because of the cruel way men treated women (Matt. 19:8).  Please notice the following guidelines, written by Dick Marcear of Midland, Texas, for folks today that will prayerfully help prevent (if the advice is followed) from getting into a marriage that will result in unhappiness and/or divorce.

1.  If you desire a Christian home and family, then do not even consider marrying someone who is not a Christian.

2.  If your parents strongly object to your choice, then I would doubt if you should get married until you convince them of his/her character. Like it or not, you marry a person's family.

3.  Do not marry someone who drinks (or uses drugs, smokes, etc.), even it is just for "fun.' Drinking/drunkenness is one of the chief causes of divorce.

4.  Watch how your potential mate's parents treat each other. If you don't like it, remember that they have been his/her model and probably the way you will be treated. If you don't like it, then don't marry them.

5.  Can he/she manage their finances? A young man who cannot manage his money when single will not suddenly change when he gets married. Many divorces are caused by 'money troubles."

6.  Are they truthful? Can you depend on them doing what they say? Marriage is built on trust. If you do not have complete confidence in the person, then do not marry them!

7.  Can he/she hold a job? A good test of a person's ability to get along with others is in his/her job record. A failure here indicates a character flaw that should signal danger to you.