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How To Be Happy At The Smithville Church of Christ

Occasionally we've seen folks become unhappy with the local church of which they are a part. Sometimes the problem is doctrinal, but more often than not it has to do with personal preferences concerning what is being done or not done, or with the way it's being done. The disgruntled person may be heard to say something like, "I'm not satisfied here." Others with similar feelings may suffer their unhappiness in silence. Some may become complainers. Some may leave, choosing to change their circumstances rather than try to work to make things better where they are.

These common ways of dealing with unhappiness in the church are not real solutions to the problem. The better way of dealing with something that is making us unhappy is either to try to change it or change our attitude towards it. Here are some specific scriptural ways to be happy at the Smithville Church of Christ.

    1. Communicate with the elders. In the early church there were problems; widows being neglected, false teachers, circumcision issue, etc. It is interesting to notice that the problems were brought to the elders attention. Most elderships are anxious to solve problems that might disrupt the church, but they are NOT mind readers. If you have a concern about anything here, then I encourage you to go and sit down with the elders. You'll be surprised at the difference it will make!

    2. Commit to the work. It is hard to be unhappy with a project that we ourselves are working on enthusiastically. Every member of the body has work to do to build up the body, and the body will never be what it should be until all the members are doing their share!

    3. Pray for the church. Prayer is powerful. If we believe in prayer and we truly want the church to improve, we will be praying for it. And, when we pray for the successful work of elders, teachers and preachers, we will be motivated to do all that we can to make their work a success.

    4. Talk positive about the church. When good things happen, talk about it. When you see something you like, talk about it. When the Lord is praised, talk about it!

    5. Examine yourself. If we are honest with ourselves, we'll have to admit that our unhappiness is often due to flaws in ourselves rather than the flaws of others. Sometimes our unhappiness is directly related to our selfish desires and ambitions. Ask yourself, is it really worth it? Could the situation be made better by me?

What can I do to make this church a better place?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward