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How Not To Spend Your Money This Season

As I write this article on "Black Friday," I'm thinking about all the so-called special deals on this day and how much money will be spent. It's the official kick-off to the holiday spending season! We know that a Christian will be a good steward of all that God gives us (I Peter 4:10). As we think of this, let us be reminded of how we especially use our money, not only during this holiday season, but year round. So, along those lines, let me give you a few suggestions on what NOT to spend your money on:

    1. Lottery tickets.
    2. Electricity to watch TV shows like "Jersey Shore," Jerry Springer," MTV, HBO, etc.
    3. Tobacco or any other product known to cause cancer, heart disease, etc.
    4. Alcohol or any other product that harms the mind, the body and the influence.
    5. Pornography. R-rated movies which glorify, trivialize and desensitize us to violence, profanity, sexual immorality, drug use, etc.
    6. Gossip magazines which encourages us to peep into other people's windows.
    7. Any product, program or service that sounds too good to be true.
    8. Clothing that leads others to lust or think less of us.
    9. Music with profane and suggestive lyrics.
    10. Campaign contributions to politicians who are pro-abortion or who support same-sex marriages.
    11. Turnip greens!

As we approach the holiday season and a new year, let's all take the time to examine how we use the blessings that God gives us each day. Can we do a better job?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward