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Brief History

The church of Christ was established in A.D. 33 and was introduced to Smithville in 1868 by J. M. Kidwell of  Alexandria.  Its first worship service was in the courthouse.  In 1874 it moved into a wood frame building constructed on the corner of North Mountain and West Main.  Later, a brick  building was erected there, and then in 1971 the present structure was erected.  In 2000, the present structure was rennovated to seat more people and facilitate an expanding work for the Lord.  Nostalgia and history has been preserved from the early era, being kept in room 14 of the  present facility.  Today, the old familiar faces have disappeared from the scene, but the challenge of their legacy remains...faith, dedication and a never-ending battle against the forces of Satan.   (click here for more history)

OUR MISSION:  To help families and individuals possess within them that which is above them not yield to that which is about  them or sink to that which is beneath them. 

Our mission will be performed through:

BENEVOLENCE:  Answering emergency appeals from families and individuals for clothing, food and financial assistance.

BIBLE SCHOOL:  Making disciples of God out of every group, leading each to a greater knowledge of God's will while building Christian character.

HOME SERVICE MINISTRY:  Putting New Testament  Christianity into practice, assisting people during times of special need with meals, housework, baby-sitting, transportation, food and fellowship activities.

MISSIONS:   Spreading the Gospel in Smithville, other states and around the world through radio, t.v., Bible correspondence and preacher training.

SHARING CHRIST:  Assisting persons in spiritual growth  through home Bible studies, creating a closer relationship with Christ.

SMITHVILLE DAY SCHOOL:  The Day School is an outreach  program which seeks to provide an exciting and rewarding environment, and challenges that meet the individual needs of young children.  Visit their website at www.smithvilledayschool.com.

ELDERS:  Clay Farler, Dan Gulley, Shawn Jacobs, Russell Watson, Billy Willingham.

DEACONS:  Philip Cantrell, Scott Cripps, Brian England, Larry Henry, Kevin James, Chris Key, Dick Kinsey, Casey Midgett, Jason Poss, Joe Ruch, Chris Vance and Rob Willingham.

EVANGELISTS:  Dan Gulley and Tim Woodward

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