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With all of the crazy weather we have been having the past week or so, people have been very curious as to what the forecast is for the next day or several days. With the year 2000 only 327 days away, people want to know what the future holds. Many claims have been made concerning the future by psychics, palm readers, prognosticators, etc. All sorts of methods have been tried. Failure is the result when man looks into the future without help from heaven.

Adolph Hitler predicted that his Third Reich would last 1,000 years. He was off by 988 years.

George Custer forecasted that there would be only 300 Indians over the hill. He missed by 2,800 percent.

The captain of the Titanic, Edward J. Smith, predicted that his ship would never sink. He was almost right. It only sank once.

Thomas Malthus predicted that the population of the world was growing so fast that we'd all drive each other crazy by the end of the nineteenth century. He was wrong. It didn't happen until the middle of last year.

William Everett was another fuzzy forecaster. He ran the Patent Office in the early part of this century. He predicted that he'd have to close up shop pretty soon because everything had already been invented. All he missed was TV, jet planes, ballpoint pens, disposable diapers, velcro, computers, etc., etc.

The only accurate source of information is not your local TV station. Weathermen have proven that with all the sophisticated instruments they have that they can be wrong at times too. But God is the ONLY accurate source for information concerning the future.

God's Word will stand the test of time. "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away." (Matthew 24:35). So, based on the knowledge that Gods knows all, those in grades K-6 have decide to KNOW GOD'S WORD!!!

They are going to memorize scripture and quote it to myself, their Bible class teacher or their parents, who will write it down and turn it in to myself or Robin James. Their name will then be written on a Bible cutout and placed on the wall in the back hallway. There are already several scriptures there. Check it out and encourage these young people! Many of them have set a goal of 100 by 2000! What a marvelous way to "hid the word in their hearts!"

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward
Smithville church of Christ