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The following 403 articles are taken from publications,  produced by the Jacksonville church of Christ, Jacksonville, Alabama.

*Heart To Heart

Glad Tidings of Good Things



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1 Corinthians 13 For The Home
10 Facts About The Church Of Christ
10 Guidelines For New Years Resolution
100% American
9 Out Of 10
A Baptism In The New Testament
A Champion
A Change Of Mind On Abortion
A Church Van And A Beer Truck
A Cup Of Coffee
A Father Speaks
A Father Who Won't Affirm
A Husband That Understands
A Merry Heart Doeth Good
A Moron
A Mother’s Love
A National Prayer
A New Attitude
A New New Year
A New You In The New Year|
A Peddler’s Pot Of Soup
A Seat In The Lifeboat
A Sonata In Three Ages
A Student’s Prayer
A Teacher’s Prayer
A Thousand Dollars In Quarters
A Tribute To The Bible
A Worthy Cause Unifies
Abortion Wrongs, Part 2
Abortion Wrongs, Part 3
Abortion Wrongs, Part 4
About Two Minutes
After Baptism, What Do I Do?
Aging Well
All Human Knowledge On Your Ipod?
All They Do Is Argue
Americans Prefer Family Over God
And The Year Was 1904
And Then Some Religion
Answer The Prayer Of Jesus
Any Christian Can Baptize And A Person Can Be Baptized At Any Time
Are Illnesses As Alzheimers Disease From God
Are There Lost Books Of The Bible
Are Worldy People Happier
Are You Covered
Are You Manning Your Station
Attending When Out of Town
Be An Example In Faith
Be An Example In Purity
Becoming One
Book Lover
Bread Enough And To Spare, Part 1
Bread Enough And To Spare, Part 2
Broken Toys
Brotherhood Malaproprisms
Build On The Foundation
Buried Alive
Butch Ohare
Calling In Well
Can A Person Change His Personality, Part 1
Can A Person Change His Personality, Part 2
Challenge For One Month
Children In Church
Children Think Marriages Are Worth Saving
Cities of Refuge, Part 1 of 2
Cities of Refuge, Part 2 of 2
Clusters Of Three
Colleges Flush With Gamblers
Consonants And Vowels
Create A Thirst
Death, At Nine
Direct Operation Of The Holy Spirit, Part 1
Direct Operation Of The Holy Spirit,Part 2
Directions To His House
Do Christians Become Angels When They Die?
Do Err
Do We Understand
Do You Know Your Bible Abc’s
Does The Bible Offer Hope For Depression
Does The Bible Recommend Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
Does Worrying Work?
Don’t Have To Be Lonely
Don’t Quit This Year
Don’t Say “Can’t Be Done” Too Fast
Don’t Settle For Average
Easy Eddie
Eleven Suggestions On Prayer
Endangered Species
Enough And To Spare
Everyday Survival Kit
Everyone Needs It
Evidence For Inspiration
Examine It For Yourself
Examine Yourselves
Excellence Is a Habit
Facts About The Church
Father Forgive Them
Fearful Or Fearless
Feeding The Wolf
Fiery Darts
Find A Need And Fill It
Finding God’s Treasure
First Impressions
Focus On Others
Fooling God
Forecasting The Future
Forgive Me For Keeping Your Bible
Forgiving a Brother
Four Ways To Rekindle Intimacy
Free To Preach
Funny, But Serious, Too
Gay Tv
Genericided Christianity
George And The Dragon
Getting Ready To Become A Christian
Glad to Have an Ox to Sell
Go Home, Dad!
Goals v. Wishes
God Is Still There
God Is What He Is
God’s Beauty Shop
God’s Guided Missiles
God’s Lamb In The Devil’s Zoo, Part 1
God’s Lamb In The Devil’s Zoo, Part 2
God’s Lamb In The Devil’s Zoo, Part 3
God’s Silversmith Shop
God's Plan For Saving Man
God's Refining Shop
God's Tattoo
Good Intentions Do Not Save Souls
Good News About Churches Of Christ
Good News For Bad Times
Growing Tired Of The Congregation Where You Worship
Grumpys World Tour
Happily Married Women
Happy Quotes
Has Man Outgrown The Gospel
He Came When Not Expected
He Has A Point
He Preached Him Into Hell
He That Believeth And
He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions
Heaven Is Just Four Steps Away From Any Place On Earth
Heaven’s Helmsman
Holding Hands Helps
Homage, Part 1
Homage, Part 2
Home Spun Wisdom
How Adam Had It Easy
How An Old Time Preacher Handled Mischief
How Can There Be Evil From The Lord
How Difficult Is It To Be A Christian
How Do I Choose A Church?
How One Can Overcome An Addiction To    Gambling
How To Be Your Grandparent’s Favorite, Part 2
How To Be Your Grandparents’s Favorite
How To Change Your Personality, Part 1
How To Change Your Personality, Part 2
How To Change Your Personality, Part 3
How To Get Something Out Of The Sermon
How To Settle It
Hugs Are Important In The Home
Hugs In The Home
Human Psychology
I Am Thankful For What Joshua Did Not Say
I Am The Appendix
I Asked God
I Don’t Do Broken Bones
I Don’t Want Any Trouble Around Here
I Have Friends In Low Places
I Never Seem To Finish
I Wish You Enough
Important People
Improving Your Credit Score
In A World Gone Mad
In Christ We Have
In The Way He Should Go
Is Anger Always Wrong
Is It Ok Now?
Is The Church Going To Stay The Church
Is The Gospel For All
It Keeps, Going?And Going?And Going
Jesus Is Coming
Jesus Is Our Access
Jesus Is Our Mediator
Jesus Surprises People
Jesus The Carpenter
Jesus Was Or Is
Johnny Cash And John Ritter
Just Suppose That
Knowing God, Or Knowing About God
Lessons From The Barnyard
Let God Carry My Potatoes
Let’s Pull Together
Let’s See A Marriage Canceller
Lottery Topics
Love Recognizes The Effort
Made Like Unto His Brethren
Make A New Friend Out Of An Old Enemy
Making Time For God
Marriage And Speech
Marriage Is Good Medicine For Men
Marriage Myth
Marriage Tests
Marshall Keeble On Baptism
Measured In Coffee Teaspoons
Measuring The Value Of Life
Missing The Treasure
Mom’s Worth A Lot
Moments With God
Murphy’s Law Goes To Church
My Tomato Crop
My Turn In The Nursery
Needs Are Different
Next Weeks Best Seller, Part 1
Next Weeks Best Seller, Part 2
Next Weeks Best Seller, Part 3
No Bad Calls
No Other
No Other Name
Noah Needed Oxygen
None Of Self
Nothing For My Children
Nottingham Philosophy
Of The People
Oh, My God!
Old Age Taking Care Or Taking Advantage
On Being Like Jesus
On Goal Setting
On Monday
On Speech
One Nail
Parents The Time Is Now
Patting Birds On The Head
Play Catch With Your Children
Popcorn Worship
Popular With One Man
Practical Suggestions On Prayer
Praise, Part 1
Praise, Part 2
Prepare Ahead
Pride 1
Pride 2
Public Pressure
Put Them In Circulation
Quick Thinker
Real Satisfaction
Recipe For A Revival
Remedial Reading And Such
Respect For Fathers
Restoring A Thing Of Value
Restoring The Code Of Decency
Restoring The Erring
Revisionist History
Rules For Growing Christians
Sailing The Seven C’s Of Success
Salvation Is Free, But It Is Not Cheap
Satan Says One Church Is As Good As Another
Scruples Part 1
Scruples Part 2
Serious About Those Vows
Sermons We Can See
Seven Deadly Social Sins
Sex, Youth And God
Should Christians Follow the Jewish Clock, Part 1 of 2
Should Christians Follow the Jewish Clock, Part 2 of 2
Should Christians Keep The Sabbath
Signs For The Times
Simon Says
Sins’s Fish Story
Sixteen Ways To Help Your Family By Reducing Your Stress
Slept Through It
Smart Girl
So Long Beaver
Some Advantages Of Being A Christian
Some Or Sum:  The Most Valuable Gift
Stained Glass Scripture
Stop And Take A Breather
Stop Looking For The Ram Cauught In The Thicket
Suggestions For Leading Prayer In Public Worship
Take This Communication Test
Taking The Time
Teacher Evaluation
Teens Are Down On Marriage
Ten Commandments Of Human Relationships
Ten Rules For Happier Living
Ten Steps Everyone Can Do To Reach the Lost
Ten Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity
That Little Extra Effort
That's The Man That Died For Me
The Amazing History Of Instrumental Music In Christian Worship, Part 1
The Amazing History Of Instrumental Music In Christian Worship, Part 2
The Bible And The T.V. Guide
The Bird That Finally Talked
The Blind Man And The Elephant
The Blue Donkey Speaks
The Box
The Clever Wife
The Earth Is The Lord’s
The Faithful
The Great Physician’s Final Checkup
The Last Word
The Lesson Of The Ants
The Littlest Fireman
The Mayonnaise Jar And The  Coffee Cup
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
The Most Important Part Of The Body
The Needle And The Thread
The Note In The Glove Box
The Only Book God Ever Wrote
The Only Opinion That Matters
The Peril Of The Empty House
The Plain Truth About Money
The Power Of Our Late Night Thoughts
The Power Of The Written Word
The Preacher And The Druggist
The Preacher Wants Raises
The Real Superman
The Restoration Plea
The Same Seed
The Secret To Great Paintings
The Shame Of Nakedness, Part 1
The Shame Of Nakedness, Part 2
The Sinner’s Prayer
The Ten Most Important Words You Will Ever Say
The Toughest Judge
The Value Of Discipline
The Waiting Game
The War Follows Us Around
The Weaver
There Is Nothing For Me To Do
Things You’ll Never Do In Heaven
Think On Good Things
Think On These Things
This Ain’t Yo Moma’s Church
Three T’s Of Marriage
Time For A Checkup
Too Long, Too Far, Too Low
Two Doors Down
Victory Where There Was Once Defeat
Was The Philippian Saved Before Baptism
We Don’t Advise This To End An Argument
Wedding Daze
Well Pleased
Well Said
Well Said #2
What About Death Bed Salvation
What About Your Epitaph
What Did They See?
What Difference Will I Make
What Does Your Name Mean?
What Is Baptism
What Is Grace?
What Is It?
What Is The Great Tribulation?
What Is The Origin Of The Church Of Christ
What It Means To Be A Christian
What Makes People Satisfied
What Romans 14 Does Not Teach
What To Give Or Give Up
What To Watch
What Shall We Do With Sunday
What Will We Leave Behind
What Would Happen If
What’s Your Ambition
When The Omnipresent God Was Absent
When The Undertaker Died
Where Did The Lord’s Church Begin
Where Does Your Ability Stop
Where Would Jesus Place Membership
Where’s Your Helmet
Who Is At The Controls
Who Is King
Who Said It
Why Caleb Lived On A Mountain
Why Do People Fall Away From The Lord
Why Do People Quit The Church
Why Do People Quit The Church, Pt 2
Why Go To Church
Why Harmony
Why I Go To Every Service Of The Church
Why Not Be A Prodigal, Part 1
Why Not Be A Prodigal, Part 2
Why Stress The Importance Of Baptism?
Why We Don’t Hear Others
Windshield Wiper Lesson
Woodrow Wilson’s Bible
Wrong Song
You Are Not Going To The Prom
You Can Still Find The Church Of The Bible
You Should Have Seen What Happened Sunday