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Grandma went to the mall the other day and came home horrified. She said, "I have never seen the like of poor teens we have in this country."  I asked, "Grandma, how could you tell they were poor?"  "It was easy," she said. "Just look at them."

"Most of the young men didn't even own a belt to keep their britches up. And on top of that, their jeans were a sight to behold. They must have borrowed their father's jeans, because they were so big and baggy that they hung so low that you could see their underwear. Furthermore, the jeans were dirty and had big holes in them and the knees were ripped out.

The girls hanging out with the boys were even worse. Most of them had on their little sister's clothes. The jeans were five sizes too small. How they got into them I'll never know. They hardly covered the girl's hipbones, and oh my, the tops they wore were so short that there was a gap in the middle between the top and the jeans. I felt embarrassed for those poor girls that they were forced to walk around looking like that."

So, grandma went to bed last night feeling sorry for the poor boys and girls who hang out at the mall of America. She wishes she could donate some of her clothes kept in her full closet, but she knows her clothes would certainly not be the right style for that generation.

So the styles in clothing keep changing. The next generation sees nothing wrong with the new styles. In all honesty, all generations are horrified to look back to old pictures and high school year books and remember how cool they felt then and how ridiculous those styles look now. So, even though grandma is shocked and worried, that's not the real problem. Styles do change and always will.

Modesty and appropriateness, however, never change! Let's try to remember that in the midst of a changing world that there is a Biblical constant which should guide us in our decision making.

For His cause,
Tim Woodward