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Going Into All the World

If all goes according to plan, by the time you read these words I will be in Guyana, South America with John Green (an elder in the Keltonburg church of Christ) and Jerry Nash (caretaker of Short Mountain Bible Camp and a member of the Woodbury church of Christ) and four other members of the Woodbury congregation. Our trip will last from Tuesday January 8 until we return on Tuesday January 22.

While in Guyana this time we will work mostly with the Asylum Street church of Christ in New Amsterdam, a coastal city with a population of about 30,000 people. This is the congregation where Samuel Singh preaches (our congregation supports Samuel $100 per month in his work there; Samuel is native to Guyana). We will conduct a gospel-meeting style campaign with preaching each evening, leadership classes for men, and classes for ladies and youth each day. We will make a four-hour trip up the Berbice River on Saturday, January 19, to deliver eyeglasses to a village.

The church in Smithville also supports evangelistic work in Africa (the Millers') as well as Panama and in Mexico. Also worthy of your prayers is the frequent medical mission work done by Dave Darrah in Peru, Guatemala, and other parts of the world. You can directly participate in our current mission effort by praying for us and the work in New Amsterdam until we return. I am grateful to the elders for their continued support and interest in world evangelism, and to each of you who gives financial and prayer support as well as verbal encouragement. God be with you, and to Him be all the glory now and forever.

— Dan Gulley 1/02/08