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The young man walked into the service station. Seeing his friend who owned the station in the rear, he yelled out, "Hi, Sam. How's business?" From the back of the station came the reply. "As usual." Sitting down next to the phone, the young man yelled again, "Mind if I use your phone?"  "No, go ahead and help yourself," came the response.

The young man picked up the phone book, thumbed through its pages until he came to the correct page. Placing the phone book next to the phone, he dialed the number. About that time the owner of the station walked up and sat down next to the young man. "How are you doing with that new boat, Bob?" asked the owner. "Folks been telling me that they are see Bob Smith out on the lake pulling in some big 'tins lately." Sure sounds like you're getting your money's worth," Sam continued.

Bob's party on the other end of the line had answered by that time and he held up his hand for Sam to be quiet. As Bob started talking, Sam noticed that he was disguising his voice to keep from being recognized. Wondering what it was all about, Sam couldn't help but listen closely to the conversation.

"Is this Woodruff's Store?" asked Bob in the disguised voice. From the other end came the reply, "Yes, it is." "Could I speak to Mr. Woodruf please?" Bob asked in a muffled tone. "This is Mr. Woodruff speaking," said the party on the other end. "Mr. Woodruff, I was wondering about a possible job with you. Several months ago I saw an ad of yours in the paper where you said you needed someone to work there in your store as a salesman. I have some experience as a salesman and I believe I could do you a top notch job," said Bob as he continued to use the fake voice.

"I'm sorry," Mr. Woodruff replied, "but that job has been filled for about six months now. Fellow by the name of Bob Smith contacted us and we hired him right away." "Is that right?" Bob continued. "Sure hate that. Would love to have worked for you. Maybe this Bob Smith fellow isn't working out too well and you could let him go and hire me in his place?" Bob asked while Sam stared at him with a look of bewilderment on his face. "No, I'm afraid I couldn't do that," Mr. Woodruff explained. "Bob Smith is doing us a real fine job. As a matter of fact, he is one of the best salesmen I have ever employed." "Well, I appreciate talking to you, Mr. Woodruff and I may call you again in the future," Bob said as he hung up the phone.

Sam couldn't wait to ask the question. "What in the world were you doing? I thought you had been working down at Woodruff s for about six months now," said Sam. "I have," replied Bob. "Then why did you call about a job and talk in a disguised voice?" asked Sam. "Well, Sam," said Bob, "you might say I was just checking up on myself."

Maybe that's something we all need to do every once in a while. After all Paul said in Romans 12:3, "For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly that he ought to think... "

For His cause,
Tim Woodward