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Get In the Game

It was the first day of basketball practice at Wingate High School in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Coach handed a ball to each player. "Boys," he said, "I want you to practice shooting from the spots you might expect to be in during the game." One of the boys (who was pretty much there as a substitute for the other players — in fact he was the 12th man on a team of 12) immediately sat down on the bench and began to shoot the ball toward the basket from there.

You might say that boy didn't expect to play much. And perhaps he was just trying to get a laugh out of his teammates. But, there are some people who sit the bench, because that's where they've gotten used to being,. They never strive to much more than that — because they don't believe in themselves enough to put in the extra effort and practice to change their status. And because of that; they're always going to sit on the bench.

It's as if we've made Christianity into a spectator sport. We just sit back in worship and listen to the singing, the prayers, and the sermon and never really get involved in the game. We need some Christians to day to get off the sidelines and get in the game. There is a special position that God has for all those who are in Christ, but we will never discover it as long as we watch safely from the stands. How many of us have gone to the elders and said, "I want you to use me. Find a place for me in the work here?" GET IN THE GAME!!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward