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As I was channel surfing the other night I came across the International Barbershop Quartet championships. There were some amazing performances and excellent singing. If you've ever heard barbershop harmony done well, then you understand something of the precision that's required. All four voices have to contribute just the right pitch, volume, timbre, and word in exactly the right balance in order to produce barbershop's characteristic "ringing" quality. One thing about barbershop is undeniable. You CAN'T do it by yourself!

Many things in life are like singing barbershop — you can't do them alone. A good part of that is due to the fact that God made us human beings to be social creatures who depend upon the interaction of others of our kind. In fact, one of the first recorded observations of God regarding mankind is, "It is not good that man should be alone" (Gen. 2:18).

The time that we come together to worship God is a time of fellowship. Before services start and after they are over, people are talking and visiting with each other. It may just be chit chat or it may be someone asking about the health or well-being of another individual. Some get to the building 45 minutes early while some stay an hour late so they can fellowship with each other. To me, those times are precious and just as valuable and needful as the worship times.

In addition to those times, there are various activities and events planned that allow members and visitors the time to fellowship with .each other. Some of us remember the days when sitting down and visiting with each other on the front porch was just a way of life. Homecomings used to be an all day affair. You would have worship services, share a meal together and then spend the rest of the day sitting in lawn chairs under shade trees just visiting with one another.

When children learn to swim, they're taught the "buddy system" — each swimmer has a partner who watches out for his or her safety, and for whose safety he or she is expected to watch out. The fellowship of the local congregation is God's divine system for providing the support and encouragement we all need from each other. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

For His Cause,