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Father - He’s Like No Other Man

"Father" as God means him to be — Is like no other man we know.
Protector, helper, guide, and friend, As through this world we go.
With love, Mom bore us in her womb, To help us get our start.
But Dad did, too, for all along He bore us in his heart.
He was our coach and mentor, He refereed our fights.
He taught us how to swing a bat, And how to ride a bike.
He cheered, "See, you can do it!" As we climbed up in a tree.
In love he held us in his arms, When we skinned our knee.
With a grin he dared us, "Take some risks!" He showed us how to swim.
He lived his life in front of us, So we could follow him.
His love so strong but tender, So gentle and so kind.
His love could be as tough as nails, When we got out of line.
He showed us how to do what's right, And how to know what's wrong.
He helped us while we learned the ropes, And always suffered long.
He worked and gave so freely, For the family that he loved.
He pictured very clearly, Our Father in Heaven above.
A father who follows Heaven's plan, Is faithful and he's true.
He does a task at God's behest, That no one else can do.
Many fathers fail to do their part As through this world they go.
But "Father" as God means him to be — He's like no other man we know.

Dan Gulley
Smithville church of Christ