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Everythings’ Gone  

I just returned from a gospel meeting at the Refuge Church of Christ just outside Glasgow, Kentucky. During the week, I stayed at my mother-in-law's house in Cave City. It gave me some time to do a little reminiscing concerning my time growing up there. Cave City was a three block town with a population of less than 2,000. I remembered the places:

    Handy & Reynolds General Store
    Farmers Bank
    Cave City Drugs
    Hunt's Jewelry
    Isenberg's Coins & Collectibles
    Whitaker & Woodward Tax Service
    Coates DX Service Station

H.Y. Davis State Bank
Bybee & Allen Furniture
Dockery's Variety Store
George's Pool Room
Train Depot
Gardner's Restaurant
Mack & Maida's Rest.

All of these businesses are now gone. Once they were the hub of a small town. Back before malls, Wal-Mart, Internet, interstates and a host of other things today. Many of the houses are either gone, in dire need of repair, or unrecognizable. It makes me feel old. We know that things on this earth are temporary and don't last as long as we hope sometimes.

But we take great comfort in knowing that some things never get old or never change. Jesus said in Matthew 24:35, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away." The Bible also reminds us regularly that our souls will live forever. Therefore, we need to make sure that we focus on those things that are eternal. The things that REALLY matter. Before long the stores and houses in Smithville will be gone!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward