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Enthusiasm For the Greatest Cause on Earth

Frank Bettger was for years the outstanding life insurance salesman in America. So enthusiastic was he that he was called "Pep" Bettger when he played baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals.

His success in the insurance business was, in part (by his own admission), because of his enthusiasm for his product. On one occasion, after his retirement, he was being interviewed by a reporter in his hotel room. Bettger received a phone call from someone wanting to buy life insurance for his three children. After he hung up, the reporter asked him how much insurance he was still selling after his so-called retirement. Bettger replied, "About a million dollars a week."

John G. Shedd wrote, "I like the man who bubbles over with enthusiasm. Better to be a geyser than a mud puddle." It is said that two things can help a salesman be enthusiastic about his product: 1) Knowing seven times more about his product than he can ever tell another at one sitting. 2) Knowing the miracles it can perform.

Beloved, we have the best product there is under heaven — Jesus Christ (who through the pure gospel makes forgiveness possible). We should be the most enthusiastic people in the world when we know the truth and the changes Jesus can perform in the lives of people today. And besides that, the world is full of prospects.

People can get excited about many things — the Vols, grandchildren, hobbies, etc. But the greatest thing we can be excited about is the Lord! Let's be enthusiastic about the gospel with those we come in contact with on a daily basis!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward