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Last Sunday it was announced that we will consider adding some additional Elders and Deacons during the month of February. Dan preached on the qualifications of Elders. This week I will touch on those same qualifications and talk about their duties. In this article, I want you to consider the responsibilities that we, as a congregation, have towards our Elders.

Doctors say that more and more employers are becoming afflicted with ulcers. Several causes are to blame, such as labor issues, keen competition, high overhead, and other expenses. While sympathy is extended to employers who are afflicted with these circumstances, I wonder what would happen if some of them had to work under the circumstances of many Elders that I know. Just suppose:

    1. That you were never able to see all of your workers on the job at the same time.
    2. That a slight headache or company coming over justifies a worker taking the day off.
    3. That rain or threatening weather kept 30 to 40% of your workers from the job.
    4. That your workers worked only if they felt like it and when questioned about phases of their work, would immediately show their temper and threaten to quit.
    5. That when slightly dissatisfied with some minor thing in the company they would threaten to quit and become part of another company.
    6. That after you have committed yourself for several thousand dollars worth of work during the year, only a faithful few helped you succeed.
    7. That week after week your employees would misappropriate funds belonging to the owner of the company, which would have gone into the working capital of the company.
    8. That your business was the largest in the world yet was supported only by free will contributions.
    9. That most of your employees thought that just showing up was the same as working.
    10. That your workers felt no obligation to explain where they had been when they were absent for days.
    These things might not be reality for employers, but they are definite realities for Elders in the Lord's church. Let's don't be problems to the Elders, rather let's be a joy to them by submitting to their leadership and being active in the kingdom.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward