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"The resurrection story is nothing but a myth," Jimmy's college science teacher announced to his class a few days before Easter break "And what's more, Jesus not only didn't rise from the grave, he continued, "but there's no God in heaven who would allow his son to be crucified in the first place!"

"Sir, I believe in God," Jimmy protested. "And I believe in the resurrection!"

"Jimmy, you can believe what you wish, of course," the teacher replied. "However, the real world excludes the possibility of miraculous events such as the resurrection. The resurrection is a scientific impossibility. No one who believes in miracles such as this can also respect science."

"God isn't limited by science," Jimmy responded. "He created science!"

Enraged by Jimmy's outspoken faith, the teacher proposed a scientific experiment. Reaching into his refrigerator, he produced a raw egg and held it up. "I'm going to drop this egg on the floor," he stated. "Gravity will pull it toward the floor with such force that the egg will certainly break" Fixing Jimmy with a look of challenge, he concluded his proposal. "Now Jimmy, I want you to pray a prayer right now and ask your God to keep this egg from breaking when it hits the floor. If he can do that, then you'll have proven your point, and I'll have to admit that there is a God."

After pondering the challenge for a moment, and listening to the snickers of those around him, Jimmy slowly stood to pray. "Dear Heavenly Father," he began "I pray that when my teacher drops the egg... that it will break into a hundred pieces! And Lord, I also so pray that when the egg does break that my teacher will have a massive heart attack and die on the spot where the egg breaks! In Jesus' name, Amen"

After a unison gasp from the class, everyone sat in stunned silence to see what would happen.

For a moment the teacher did nothing. At last he looked at Jimmy and then at the egg. Without a word he turned and very carefully put the egg back in the refrigerator. Then he turned back to the class and said, "You win. Class dismissed!"

The teacher apparently believed in God more than he was willing to admit. Most people do. It is up to you and I to get them to think about their faith and to challenge them to accept God's Word that He is who He says He is! As the old saying goes, "There are no atheists in foxholes."

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward