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Dangerous Assumption

A beautiful white rabbit, used in Willie's nature class, was to be given away to one of the children in a drawing. To take part in the drawing each child had to bring a note from his or her parents saying they could keep they animal if they won it. Willie's mother was terrified by the thought of a rabbit as a pet. She emphatically said, "NO!", much to the disappointment of Willie. Willie's father, seeing the deep hurt on Willie's face, intervened.

I don't think it would be such a difference around here if we had one little rabbit." He then turned to Willie's mother, winked, and said, "Besides, what are the chances of Willie winning the rabbit with twenty-eight other students in the class?" And so they gave Willie the permission note the next morning.  That afternoon Willie rushed through the front door and excitedly announced that he was the big winner. The rabbit was his! "You mean that out of all twenty-eight students in your class you won the rabbit?" his mother asked trembling. "Well, not exactly," said Willie, I was the only one with a note!"

Assumption can often be disastrous, leading to much worse than that above. Think of our assumption that leaves so much of the Lord's work undone. A friend or neighbor wellknown to us is ignored rather than taught the Word. We assumed someone else would do it. A brother or sister in Christ who is well known by us becomes negligent. We say or do nothing in their behalf, assuming someone else will encourage or admonish them, and they fall away. Visitors are observed at our worship services, but we make no effort to welcome them and invite them back. They never return and we wonder why. Could it be because we assumed that someone else would make them feel welcome. Contributions fall short, Bible class attendance drops, teaching positions go unfilled, facilities are uncared for, -etc. etc. all because of our assumptions, dangerous assumptions, that someone else will meet the need.

Let us never be guilty of assuming that others will fill the place we ourselves fail to fill No one can do the work God has marked for YOU!!

For His Cause
Tim Woodward