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Consonants and Vowels

I have sometimes compared the great men of the world, and the good men of the world to the consonants and vowels in the alphabet. The consonants are the most and the biggest letter; they take up most room, and carry the greatest bulk; but the vowels though they are the fewest and least of all the letters, yet are most useful; they give the greatest sound of all; there is no pronunciation without vowels. Though the great men of the world take up room, and make a show above others, yet they are but consonants, a company of mute and dumb consonants for the most part; the good men they are the vowels that are of the greatest use and most concernment at every turn.

A man may have his name set down in the chronicles, yet lost; wrought in durable marble, yet perish; set upon a monument equal to a Colossus, yet be ignominious; inscribed on the hospital gates; yet go to hell; written in the front of his own house, yet another come to possess it; all these are but writings in the dust, or upon the waters, where the characters perish so soon as they are made. But when a man by assurance from having learned and obeyed the Word can conclude with that his name is written in those eternal leaves of heaven, in the book of God's election, which shall never be wrapped up in the cloudy sheets of darkness, but remain legible to all eternity, he can enjoy the best of life.

-Thomas Adams
Glad Tidings of Good Things