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There was once a young man who wanted more than anything to take a cruise aboard a luxury liner. He did not have much money, but eventually the young man saved enough to purchase a ticket.

As he packed, the young man knew he would be traveling with no money for food, so he carefully packed some bread and cheese for his meals. Although he truly enjoyed the cruise, as he walked around and watched people eating in the dining and banquet halls of the ship, his joy diminished.

After two weeks, his bread and cheese molding, the young man was starving. As he walked around, people noticed how painfully thin he had become. A gentleman approached and asked the young man if there was anything wrong. Slightly embarrassed, the young man explained that he did not have enough money for food. The gentleman took the young man by the shoulders and explained to him that the food was all paid for in the price of the ticket. The young man was astonished — all this time he could have been eating at the wonderful banquets, but he hadn't known it.

Many Christians do not realize that they are co-heirs with Christ —children of the King — and just as this young man, they walk through life missing out on all the King has provided. Not only is there Sunday morning worship, but Sunday evening and Wednesday evening as well. There are devotionals for K-6, grades 7-12, Senior Saints, the men of the congregation and the residents of the Webb House. There are various ministries that are ongoing. Mission trips to Guyana, Mexico and South Carolina. You have the opportunity to be involved in service projects and fellowship activities. There are retreats, rallies and singings to enjoy. In short, there are heavenly banquets waiting for each of us. Jesus has paid the entire cost for us. All we have to do is obey His gospel and join Him! See Roman 8:17

Tim Woodward
In His Service