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Cheerful Givers

I learned more from my children as they were growing up than from anyone else other than my father. I'm not sure why but I have a suspicion it's because they were not really trying to teach me anything. They just went about their busy little lives totally unaware that anyone might be watching.

I watched our children on Sunday mornings for several years. Like most parents, we made sure our three children had some money in their hands whenever the collection plate came by. We wanted to teach our kids to give. It seems rather humbling that my children would wind up giving me a lesson on giving.

Have you ever noticed how fast the collection plate moves.?We're very slow and deliberate with the Lord's Supper, but when we reach the collection it's amazing how fast we can move those trays. The only thing that slows down the collection plate is kids. I would drop in my check, put the plate in front of the kids and each one would drop their money in at an agonizing pace. I had to resist the urge to reach over and pry the money out of their little hands so we could get on with it.

I finally asked my self one Sunday why are the kids so slow and the adults so fast? I could only come up with one answer — my kids enjoy giving more than I do. Putting that money in the plate is something that they only get to do once a week: They wanted to take their time and enjoy it. They wanted to make sure that they got the maximum pleasure out of giving that money. They weren't worried about where the money came from or where it's going or even how much it is. All they know is that they got to give some money to God! The more money we put in their hands, the more they give and the more they enjoyed it! God loves a cheerful giver!!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward