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But - Or - Therefore

There is one great class of "Christians" who say: "I'd help with the work around the church building .. . but. I have to work such long hours. I'd help visit the sick . . . but, I must spend some time with my family. I'd like to go teach my neighbor . . . but. I'm just no good at personal evangelism. I'd give more to the work of the Lord . . . but, I am paying out a new car, or a home, or a television or . . . ! I want visitors made welcome at services . . . but, I can't do it and chat with my friends. I would come to Bible Study, Sunday night, Midweek services, the Gospel meeting . . . but, etc. etc."

Then there's another group of Christians who say: "I'm a Christian ... therefore, you can count on me to help where possible. I believe the promises of God ... therefore, I'll put the church first in my life. I want people to be saved .. . therefore, I'll show them a life of faith and trust and invite my friends and neighbors to worship with me. I want to grow in grace and knowledge of the truth . . . therefore, I will study the Bible and attend the classes. I want those who visit with us to feel really welcome . . . therefore, I'll spend my time after services talking to those who have come, inviting them back, arranging to pick up their children for Bible school, etc. etc. I want to see the work prosper in this place . . . therefore, I'll give as God prospers me, generously, cheerfully. prayerfully. I know that my example is important to those who watch me from day to day . . . therefore, I will walk like a Christian, talk like a Christian, live like a Christian."

Friend, what about you? You profess to be a Christian. Are you a "but" or a "therefore" Christian?

For His Cause.
Tim Woodward