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Before Today Is Gone

There are 1,001 things you can choose to do this day that will lighten the load of someone else's burden and give you a warm feeling of satisfaction that the day has been well spent.

        •Do something thoughtful for a sick or homebound person.
        •Write a note of appreciation to someone who has helped you.
        •Cook, make, or buy a gift for someone. Give it anonymously.
        •Offer to baby-sit one night for a young couple.
        Salvation is not a matter of doing good things and earning your way into heaven. But
        those who are Christians find it joyous and rewarding to do things that help others in the name of Jesus.
        •Forgive someone who has hurt you.
        •Take someone to lunch that has recently lost a family member in death.
        •Do something to make a child smile.
        •Hug someone tightly and say, "1 love you."
        When tomorrow gets here, the chance to do any good with today will be gone. You
        don't have to cross the ocean or go across town. You can start in your own house with your family.
        •Spend a full hour of one-on-one time with your mate.
        •Go wherever your child is and communicate your love for and pride in that child for who he/she is.
        •Get out the checker board, Uno cards, and Monopoly board and challenge the entire family to take you on.
        •Tell your parents how much you love them.
        •Surprise your brother/sister by saying, "I love you and I thank God for putting us in the same family."
        Little things make an eternal difference — whether by being done or by being neglected. Just one loving thing done by you today can make a difference in someone's eternal welfare.
        •Write a note to someone who recently asked you to pray for them and let them know that you are doing so today.
        •Visit with someone you think is close to becoming a Christian. Encourage them to obey the gospel.
        •Call a Christian you know who is struggling right now and let them know you are thinking of them_
        •Tell a Bible class teacher how much you appreciate what they are doing.\

You can't do all the things above today — but you can do one or two. And you can keep the list handy for tomorrow or next week. Use today for God's glory — before it's gone!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward