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Are You For It or Against It

A few years ago the first place prize at the Idaho Falls Science Fair went to a 9th grader with a sharp eye for people's blind spot.

His project urged people to sign a petition calling for a ban or control of a substance called "dihydrogen monoxide." He cited excellent reasons for such action:

    +   It causes excessive swelling, sweating and vomiting.
    +   It is a major component in acid rain.
    +   It can cause severe burns in its gaseous state.
    +   Inhaling can be fatal.
    +   It erodes mountains and beaches.
    +   It makes automobile brakes less effective.
    +   It is found in tumors of terminal cancer patients.

He asked 50 people to support his proposition. Out of the 50:

    +   43 signed the petition.
    +   6 were undecided.
    +   1 refused to sign.

The one who refused to sign did so for a very simple reason. He knew that "dihydrogen monoxide" is quite simply put, nothing more than "water."

We live in a time when public opinion surveys carry more weight than scientific research. We have enshrined what people "think" the facts are above what the facts really are. Our political "spin doctors" have taught us to believe that image is more important than truth. It depends on how the idea is packaged.

Not surprisingly, this kind of non-thinking has invaded the area of Biblical truth. People sit around a table and vote on what they think Jesus could have said. We must make certain that we are students of the Bible so that when someone suggests we incorporate false doctrine .or try to get us- to follow sin, we will know what the Book says and will be able to avoid heartache and sorrow!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward