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Are We Inviting?

For many of us, the request to invite somebody to a church activity is a turnoff. string somebody to worship makes us uncomfortable. It puts us in a bind. It's easier to forget it.

If we allow ourselves to think about the notion for a moment, we often draw a blank. I verybody that we would be brave enough to invite either goes to another church or seems uninterested. With no prospects in mind, we set the idea on the back burner.

Give it another shot!

Below are some idea starters that will help you uncover a prospect or two that you fight have previously overlooked or didn't know existed. Give it a try.

Start with family. Think about spouse, parents, children, grandparents, aunts, ncles, cousins, in-laws, nephews, and nieces.Now canvas your neighborhood. Think about next door neighbors, elderly people on the block, families that have just moved in, and families whose houses you pass on he way home.

Get out your schedules and look for people you meet in sport or hobby activities. Do you have somebody that you eat out with, perhaps some single friends, parents of k our child's friends, or old acquaintances from school.

Now think about people at work. List supervisors, employees, secretaries, clerical staff, students, clients, new staff members and colleagues you see occasionally.

Next, go through the people you meet casually. Doctor, dentist, realtor, insurance gent, a child's teacher, merchants, service or club members, associates in professional Croups, sales representatives who call on you, beautician, people who service your car, awn or other household items.

Finally think of individuals experiencing life stresses. Include are persons who ecently widowed, divorced, who have suffered loss of job or business, people who I ave been diagnosed with an illness, along with families who have had babies or just moved.

That's your list. Why not get started right away and make an eternal difference in the life of someone you know? Wouldn't it be great to see our auditorium full every Sunday?!

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward