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The story is told of a circus that had come to town for its annual visit. As usual there was a parade through town to let the citizens know that the circus was in town. It was a long parade with all of the participants in the circus riding donkeys, horses and elephants. There were clowns and all those that go into making a circus what it is. In this particular town the circus went right down the main street, thus cutting off traffic from one part of town to the other.

On the day of the parade a business man was making his way to his office. When he came to Main Street, he discovered that he could not get to his office because of the parade that was passing by. He was totally frustrated because he needed to be in his office to take care of some urgent business. As he looked down the street to see if he could see the end of the parade, he noticed the elephants. He remembered reading an article in the paper awhile back about this particular circus and how that it had twelve elephants. He then conceived a plan in his mind. He would count the elephants as they passed by, and when the twelfth one went by, he would put the accelerator down and get across the street before the next part of the circus came along. This is what he attempted  to do. He counted twelve elephants and he put the accelerator to the floor. But to his surprise the circus had added a thirteenth elephant. He hit the elephant broadside and put it on its side. As the elephant lay in the street giving out its death gasp, the man stood and surveyed the mess. The front of his car was completely demolished and there was a dying elephant in the street. The manager of the circus came running up to him and cried, "You have ruined us'"

The business man said to him, "Sir, I am sorry. I will be willing to pay for the elephant. How much does, it cost?"

The manager said, "One hundred twenty-five thousand dollars." The business man could not believe his ears.

He exclaimed, "One hundred twenty-five thousand dollars' I didn't know an elephant cost so much"

The manager explained, "You don't understand, sir. You not only have killed one elephant, but you have pulled the tail out of twelve others!"

We, as Christians, should be so united that when one person is affected, it affects us all. Read John 17.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward