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An Easy Guide to Forsaking the Assembly

I've heard them all and I'm convinced that it's time someone compiled an official guide of excuses for "forsaking the assembly." This list could save you loads of time in offering feeble excuses as to why you failed to gather with the saints. OK, let's do it. These are not in any particular order of popularity. They are usually given with a much greater explanation than I have room or stomach to compile.

    1. I wasn't feeling good.
    2. I was too tired.
    3. Company was/is coming/in town.
    4. I had to work late.
    5. I was on the golf course/ lake/ involved in a tournament.
    6. I brought home work I needed to do.
    7. I was on call.
    8. You had a mission report/ guest speaker/ singing service.
    9. We were on vacation.
    10. It was a holiday.
    11. I had to mop the floor. (Yep, someone actually told me that once)
    12. I can't worship with those hypocrites down there. (We've always got room for one more)
    13. A family member was sick. (So the whole family had to stay at home)

Here's how you use the list. When you miss the services of the church and someone dares ask you why you were absent, you just pick out the number that best describes your excuse. You just tell them the number and do away with all the explanations. Simple!

Now you must note that this list of excuses is no more complete than the list Jesus gave in Luke 9:57-62. Feel free to add to this list.

It is amazing that we seem to always find time to do the things that we want to do and seek to justify not doing the things we don't want to do. Suppose Jesus would have said, "I don't feel like going to the cross today." Or "I'm sorry, but I can't heal you today because I'm going to the Sea of Galilee and go fishing."

Oh, yes. I, left out one excuse:

      14. I just love something/someone more than God.

Strange, I've never heard anyone use that one around me before!

"Seek fir t the kingdom of God..." (Matt. 6:33) "...not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together..." eb 10:25). You surely didn't think I would end without using that verse, did you?

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward?