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One day a space ship landed in the middle of a huge field just outside a small, rural community.  The aliens looked friendly enough, so some farmers cautiously approached them, hoping to establish a good relationship with them.  The aliens greeted the earthlings warmly and said, "We are on a mission from the planet Zuron of the galaxy Andromeda.  We have been assigned to explore your planet and to discover what you have learned.  We are here to learn as much as we can about the planet earth.  So, tell us, has anything significant happened here on earth that you can tell us about?"

The farmers thought for a moment and then one spoke up and said, "Well, we have radio and TV! We can send radio and microwave signals all over the planet in just a matter of seconds using satellites!"

The aliens replied, "Oh, well we have had that for thousands of years.  In fact, that technology has become quite obsolete.  What else has happened?"

Again, the farmers scratched their heads and one said, "We have developed computers that can process information in seconds that used to take years.  And these computers are small enough to be carried in a briefcase!"

"Well, that's old news, too." said the aliens.  "Hasn't anything extraordinary happened here?"

The farmers were still thinking when one of the aliens asked, "We have heard a rumor that God visited your planet many years ago.  Is this rumor true?"

"Well, there was a man named Jesus Christ.  He claimed..."

"Yes! Yes! That's it! Jesus Christ! Did he really come?" the aliens asked excitedly.

"Yes," said the farmers, "but..."

"What an extraordinary thing! What a wonderful thing!" exclaimed the aliens.  "Tell us, what did you do when God visited your planet? Did you bring gifts and throw them at his feet? Did you run the streets celebrating and singing? Did all the world finally realize how much he loves them? Please, tell us, what did you do?

The farmers pondered for a moment and then sheepishly said, "Um...we killed him."

Of course this story is nothing more than an illustration.  But what if some "aliens" landed on earth 2,000 years from now and asked what we did with God.  Would the response be a positive or negative one? Are you celebrating the fact that Jesus came to earth? Are you telling others about him? Is he alive and well in your life and are you enthusiastically living for him? Or are you just drifting along in life without any real meaning? Read Hebrews 6:6.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward