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A Parents Worst Nightmare

This past Wednesday night, in Warren County, Kentucky, two brothers died within fifteen minutes of each other in separate traffic accidents. Rory McDowell, 23, was driving home in his pickup truck and while coming out of a curve the vehicle struck a tree. Fifteen minutes later, Rory's 21 year-old brother veered off a rural road some five miles away while driving his 1984 Porsche, went into a spin, struck a tree and burst into flames. Both brothers died of massive trauma.

Their father, Andy McDowell, who works as a deputy sheriff in explaining his feelings, said, "You take the most unimaginable hell that a parent could be told and double that." The thought of being told both of your only children, much less one of them, have been killed is beyond my comprehension. How do you bury a child? I hope I never have to find out. Many people have. Some of you in this congregation have. Job did. Job found out that all ten of his children had died at the same time. Can you imagine preparing for the funerals of your ten children? Can you imagine going through the funeral of your child knowing that you did not teach them the truth about life after death and how to claim that reward awaiting them in heaven? We, as parents, have a tremendous responsibility to teach our children the truth and to lead them to heaven! How are you doing?

By the way, the McDowell brothers were members of the Woodburn Church of Christ.

For His Cause,
Tim Woodward