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As we stand on the brink of another new year, let us think of the many opportunities and struggles it will provide.

Let us think of those who will name the name of Christ in baptism, and let us work to help them make the most important decision of their lives. Let us think of those who will come back to the Lord, and let us pray for them and encourage them in every way for good. Let us think of those among us who will leave this world of sin and sorrow for the bright and sunny shores of eternity, where no sin or sorrow may be found, and let us learn from their godly examples.

Let us also think of what we will use the new year for.  Will We Use It For Gaining A Better Knowledge Of God's Word? There are many good things for us to learn in life, but none begin to compare with the value of a knowledge of the blessed Word of God. It will go with us through all other educational endeavors, it will accompany us through our working years, it will be there for the birth and rearing of our children, it will be there for us in our sickness, even going with us to the grave, and it will stand as a witness to our faithfulness in the after awhile. May we determine to spend some time each day of this new year studying the Bible. May it be of greater importance to us than all other pursuits.

Will We Use It To Mature Spiritually?  Will we apply the things we are taught in the Bible to our lives and thereby set a better example before others? Will we be diligent in attendance, showing all the world that there is no place on earth we would rather be than in the assembly of the saints worshipping God? Will we put to practice what the preacher preaches?

Will We Use It To Tell Someone Of Jesus Christ?  Remember, our family, friends and neighbors are rushing headlong into judgment. Have we told them what God requires of them in order to be saved? We see them daily, and would probably do anything on earth for them, but have we told them how to get to heaven? Is it really so difficult and risky to speak a word in the interest of their souls (Prov. 11:30)?

Will We Use It To Be Of Greater Service To The Church?  Will we be among those who volunteer to lead in prayer? Head the table? Make announcements? Will we volunteer to teach a class? You know, teaching is a wonderful way of helping others, but it also allows us to grow and strengthen ourselves in the faith. Will we make ourselves available for service this year? The church is a working institution composed of working members. Will we be such members in the next twelve months?

Will We Use It To Help The Elders Make Things Go Smoothly?  Will we refrain from activities that will cause trouble in the church? Will we be sure to be present for each assembly, for the elders have set the times so we may come and be edified and strengthened? Will we be kind to visitors? Will we listen to the teachers and preacher as they feed us the word of God?

If This Should Be Our Last Year On This Earth, Will Our Passing Bring Joy Or Sadness To The Angels In Heaven?  The Lord loves us all, and wants to see us in heaven; but it is up to us to repent and obey (2 Pet. 3:9-10, Acts 2:38). If we had to leave this world in our present spiritual condition, where would we go? It is a mot sobering and serious thought, but if we welcome our last new year  this year, what will become of us?

Tim Smith
Glad Tidings of Good Things
Volume 9/January 4, 2004
Page 3