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Cecil Dichard noted the unique nature of the Bible when he said, “Give me a Bible and a candle and shut me up in a dungeon and I will tell you what the world is doing.” There is no book like the Bible and there is no message like the one it brings to mankind.  Words from the chorus of the wonderful gospel song “Give Me The Bible” have preached the truth and stirred the hearts of millions since it was written and published around 1883.  “Give me the Bible, Holy message shining, Thy light shall guide me in the narrow way; Precept and promise, law and love combining, Till night shall vanish in eternal day.”

The Bible is a holy message shining.  Psalm 119:105 reminds us, “Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.” The transforming power of the Bible’s holy message is seen in the life of the apostle Paul as he testifies before King Agrippa in Acts 26.  Verse 13 of that passage reveals that the process that changed him from Saul the persecutor of Christ to Paul the promoter and preacher of Christ began with a holy message shining! That verse says, “at midday, O king, along the road I saw a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, shining around me and those who journeyed with me.” That light turned out to be none other than Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is the Light of the World (John 8:12)! A few verses later Paul sums up the impact that holy message had in his life.  He states that Jesus sent him to the Gentiles “to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in Me” (verse 18).” After that holy message shined into his heart, Paul spent the rest of his life and energy seeking to shine it into the hearts of lost people everywhere he went!

Many in our culture have sought to pull down the shades and keep the Bible’s holy message from shining.  But they might as well seek to extinguish the sun as to destroy that powerful, eternal light which is the Word of God! About A.D.  64 the apostle Peter said “the word of the Lord endures forever.” He was quoting from Isaiah 40:8 which was written about 700 years earlier.  In every generation critics seek to bury the Bible and extinguish its light, but the Bible outlasts and buries its opponents time and again.  The Bible’s Holy message is still shining in an unholy world.  Will you follow it’s light home to God?

Dan Gulley, Evangelist
Smithville Church of Christ